Own a Home

Our application begins with an orientation during which we will outline the qualifications and application process. During the application you will learn about financing, other requirements, and program timeframes and will have the opportunity to get all your questions answered.

Please contact us to get on the list for the next orientation session. 503-366-1400 x2 or habitat@opusnet.com

The three criteria for building a house with Habitat are:

  • Habitat partners with people who need a decent and affordable place to live.  If you live in “substandard” housing and cannot solve your housing issues on your own, you may qualify.
  • Substandard can mean unsafe or unhealthy, lacking utilities, too costly, overcrowded or temporary.


Ability to Repay a Mortgage
  • As a partner family, you will buy a house from Habitat that you help build.  You will repay a low cost mortgage not exceeding 30% of your income.


Willingness to Partner
  • Homeowners invest 250 to 400 hours of sweat equity labor in building their own house.  In addition, monthly homeowner classes prepare families for responsibilities of homeownership.